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We Bring your healthy life back anywhere you ask! Take this journey with us, to produce healthier Ethiopians! iTena’s Doctors and other health professionals are working hard to bring you new and innovative ways to expand primary health care, reach those who need us, and empower the health sector.


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iTena is a health care innovation and technology company working on creating non conventional and alternate health care services with more convenient access to health care professionals in Ethiopia.

Dr. Eyerusalem Mamo
Dr. Khalid Abdulkadir
Dr. Kirubel Chanyalew
Dr. Yewulsew Demeke
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Need a Best Place for Your Patient ?

iTena’s nursing home is a modern yet cozy space for clients and their families to experience a comfortable recovery period. Be at peace while you heal! Our experienced healthcare professionals will treat you like family!

Who We Are

iTena Nursing Home

We provide you with a temporary home for your recovery, your own full time doctor and nurse with in-house meals prescribed by our experienced nutritionist with a very affordable price. With complete licensing and full approval of local and federal health regulating bodies, we are ready to welcome you!

Home Based Care

After being discharged from the hospital, around 20% of patients require some sort of additional post discharge care so as to achieve full recovery.

Nursing Home

As one of the four pillars of healthcare, the rehabilitation process is critical in giving forth a holistic health provision.

Virtual Video Consultation

We provide our consultation in a face to face basis via our video consultation service. This service comes especially handy in cases where visual illustration is demanded for accurate consultation.

Medical Call center

On the short code '7272', our doctors will be readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer and assist in any health related concern or questions from the public.

Institutional care

If you are a medium or large sized institution, then this service is for you. We handle all healthcare needs of inhabitants, employees, and students of such institutions.

Medical Equipment Rental

You may require the use of different equipments related to healthcare delivery as an individual or corporate client for a variety of reasons

Our Service

What Services do we offer?

iTena brings your health to your phone, to your computer, and even to your home! We bring the doctors and the hospital right to where you are! Need a place for you or your loved one to recover in peace? iTena’s nursing home is the place for you. Our home is your home!

Why choose us?

Qualified Doctors

We fight the hardest conditions with hardest resources.

Fast Response

Time is the most valuable resource! We care about saving your time!

Affordable Price

Not only the time, we will save your money by giving quality service with affordable price

Book & Pay Online

without hassle you can easily book our service and pay online. 

Our Partners

iTena makes it a point to work with those institutions, government Sectors, NGO's, and Health Providers that work on providing critical services to our community. Be a member of the iTena community! Join us on the journey to digitalize, innovate, and empower Ethiopia’s healthcare!

Get One to One Video Consultation With Doctors

We provide our consultation in a face to face basis via our video consultation service. This service comes especially handy in cases where visual illustration is demanded for accurate consultation. Clients with video call capabilities can get doctor consultations directly via Google meet or zoom.


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Stay updated to new, interesting, and continuous health news coverage relevant to you!  Have access to compelling ideas and opinions of our doctors on various health related issues.

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Executive Assistance

Mariamawit is an optometrist by profession with hands on project management skills. She is the chief assisting body of all departments with overall management, supervision, and reporting duties. In addition to executing financial proceedings and recording transactions, she organizes events and networking programs with company executives.

Marketing Manager

From creating a brand, to maintaining and growing it, he has done it all. A modern and simple branding taste and strategy translates to his professional level graphic designing making him a multi-talented asset to the team. With passion for studying and analyzing market data based on digital presence, Yonatan as a social media manager, formulates digital and other marketing strategies to get our services to those who need it.

Administrative supervisor
As medical doctor with great project management skills and outstanding work ethic, Dr. Nurayine facilitates the day to day operational activities including human resources, professional recruitment, training, and evaluation. With a hands-on administrative role, she oversees individual and overall project activities together with the primary founders
Co-Founder and Chief Informations Officer
As a company with digital bases to all project activities, Dr. Yewulsew heads tech based company directions and connects iTena with technological and other technical partnerships and collaborations. As part of the project design team, he injects design concepts based national and international realities and perspectives.
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
A medical doctor plus a budding entrepreneur. A self-thought psychoanalyst with great passion for the human mind. Dr. Eyerusalem, as one of the founders, has a supervisory and administrative role in our team. Apart from leading project design, development, and refining, she is the primary contact person to the various Governmental and non-governmental organizations partnering and collaborating with our team.
Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer
This health entrepreneur is a medical doctor by profession with an impressive business skill set. As the point person for organization finances, Dr. Khalid manages and shapes the what and how of capitalizing ventures. As an administrator, Dr. Khalid oversees the manufacturing and construction aspects of the different project activities giving us a rock solid foundation.
Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer
As a passionate doctor with deep passion for the pediatric science and public health, Dr. Kirubel is the lead on the on-the-ground operational aspects of iTena project activities assuring the appropriate refining of the concepts developed. Leading our different teams of health professionals, he is head of recruitment and training and the front person in growing the iTena family.
Dr. Kirubel Chanyalew