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iTena is a health care innovation and technology company working on creating non-conventional and alternate health care services with more convenient access to health care professionals in Ethiopia. We believe healthcare and health education should be accessible to all, and we plan to lead the way in making that a reality.

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We believe With a state of the art medical call center, we are connecting Ethiopians from all corners of the country with a physician speaking the language of their choice. Launching in the Addis Ababa area is our Home-Based care service, which focuses on providing nursing and rehabilitation services for patients in off-hospital settings, mainly their homes.  

Incase the rehabilitation process requires institutionalization, we provide in-patient options at our comfy Nursing and rehabilitation center. We take our services wherever there is need, and thus our Institutional Healthcare service, which takes our professionals to medium and large institutions with holistic health provision and education strategies.

iTena believes that healthcare should be patient centered rather than institution centered. Our projects have the mission of filling health care gaps as they come.

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Qualified Doctors

We fight the hardest conditions with hardest resources.

Fast Response

Time is the most valuable resource! We care about saving your time!

Affordable Price

Not only the time, we will save your money by giving quality service with affordable price

Book & Pay Online

without hassle you can easily book our service and pay online. 

What our Customers say:

‘ Both my parents were critically ill with COVID when iTena’s professionals came. It only took 5 days to get them off O2 and breathing on their own again. I am so grateful for them’
W/ro Seada
Daughter of Homecare clients
‘My school has never felt safer. I can now focus on my students’ academic activities without worrying about health related incidents in the compound’
W/ro Konjit Moges
Owner of Mald school
‘I don’t know how else I would have addressed my health issue…its so embarrasing’
Anonymous caller
From Telehealth Call Center

iTena Health Care Services

iTena brings your health to your phone, to your computer, and even to your home! We bring the doctors and the hospital right were you are! Need a place for you or your loved one to recover in peace, iTena’s nursing home is the place to be. Our home is your home!

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What We do

For the past two years, our teams of health professionals and other colleagues have been formulating strategic projects to maximize convenience, create job opportunities, and increase accessibility when it comes to healthcare provision in our community.

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You can use either our hotline 7272 or Video consultation by booking to our video consultation services.

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Community Training

One of our visions is giving Community Training on different Health care topics and filling the gap on the important pillar of medicine which is Prevention

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